We use industry skills and disciplines to deliver our work. We take pride in our delivery and the way we do things – because it is proven to work and get results for our clients.


We thrive on teamwork, communication and an open approach so that we can deliver. We base our approach on working with people to make sure we understand what is needed. We take a professional yet calm and personal approach to make sure we can deliver well to you.

Our Professional Approach to Service Delivery

We have great people with industry experience and skills. Our delivery model is based on industry standards and ensuring that we can fit into your delivery model easily – yet maintain our focus on delivery.

Project Approach

We have experience to use the following disciplines to get the right result for your business:


  • Agile

  • Waterfall

  • ITIL and

  • DevOps


We like to do things in a structured way with open communication to make sure we deliver to expectation.

Examples of Our Work

Contact Energy


Using Agile and traditional waterfall methods we have delivered new applications for customers to Contact, and migrated their Enterprise Applications to the Cloud



We completed a migration to O365 for Meridian for mail. Sharepoint and collaboration delivering a great outcome for the business users at Meridian

Cloud SOFTWARE Based Services Consulting

Preparing for the future starts with understanding your business drivers and aligning technology to enable this change. We work with you to ensure you have Leadership in place to deliver real value.


    Understanding the goals of the enterprise and designing the solutions that will enable you to achieve those goals is how we approach your architecture needs. We have experienced technical architects that provide sound Enterprise and Solution Architecture.


    We provide advice to organisations building an IT strategy and the roadmap to help them achieve the strategy. This is a critical foundation in any business and IT objective.


    Service Design is about the creation or improvement of a service your business currently does and putting a human centered approach at the center to how you can create or improve that service to meet customer needs. It involves ensuring the People, Process and supporting Technology is giving you and your customers the best experience and efficiency..


    As a business one of the most important things you can do is to get your ideas from your head into a tangible format. We have helped business’s use the Lean Canvas method to quickly formulate business ideas, new business models, product launches, campaigns and technology decisions.


    We are experts in helping organisations land in the cloud, we have led large application migrations for enterprise and smaller organisations, our team of experienced experts have covered a range of technologies and issues arising from the challenges these migrations throw at you.


    Change management is a key facet to implementing new technology particularly that which touches every person in your organisation. Let us help you with the facilitation of organisational change that Office 365 brings, we can help offer solutions to problems, understand the education gaps in your business and formulate new and better ways of working with this game changing platform.


    Moving your organisations IT applications, databases and services between data centers is a lot easier with an experienced partner, we have led several migrations and you can lean on us to help you through this journey.


    Using data well?  We help you make strategic use of the data you collect in your organisation. When data is used well it will drive success and give you insights into your business that will give you a competitive advantage. We build applications that help you drive better outcomes whether it be customer facing, for industrial use or to make for a more intelligent workplace.


    An Integration strategy ensures you are aware as an organisation of how you will be building your data and systems that cater for your capability into the future

Cloud SOFTWARE Based Services Consulting

Preparing for the future starts with understanding your business drivers and aligning technology to enable this change. We work with you to ensure you have Leadership in place to deliver real value.

Mobile/WEB Application Development

Many businesses are primarily building mobile and web applications most of the time. We are seeing new trends emerge about how people expect to engage with applications whether it be through social media or voice enabled apps and bring these innovations to our clients.


We help companies to integrate with complex platforms such as ERP’s and CRM’s or other custom developed applications to create single views of customers and aggregate data sources into intelligent business solutions – we have examples of this work we can demonstrate to you.

API Development

Understanding what and how to implement sound integration is how our team of API specialists can help you create a connected environment. Whether you have chosen an integration product or need to enable connectivity between systems speak to us about your API needs.

Software Application Redesign and MIGRATION

Most organisations carry a level of technical debt held in applications that may be very important in the role they perform but are continuing to age, cost a lot and/or are running out of support generally requiring modernization. Our software and migration service is designed to use our experience to help organisations move legacy applications and then migrate them to cloud as a first stage to modernization.










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