Our Government Marketplace Services

DTL has considerable experience in working successfully with NZ Govt. organisations, for example, Parliamentary Services, Ministry of Social Development and Health NZ.

Credible Digital Experience

Our clients use us to develop, support and modernise applications to enable them to automate and increase productivity, digitise to improve customer service and  innovate to deliver positive change.

We currently develop and support a range of software applications for our Govt. clients, for example:

  1. Regulatory and Reporting
  2. Information Consumption and Transformation
  3. Asset Monitoring and Command Control
  4. Enterprise Content Management
  5. Idea Management
  6. Data Migration
  7. Customer Management
  8. Custom Application Development

DTL are listed in the following categories under the DIA Govt. Marketplace.

ICT Professional Services: Cloud Transition Services

Digital transformation is about bringing together people, data, and processes – enabling cloud technology to transform your organisation and create value for your customers. Our purpose as a business is  “we’re here to accelerate your cloud technology enablement”.

By connecting your assets, operations, people and processes; we can transform your physical world into an integrated digital ecosystem tailored to your unique needs.

Our business offers a full range of cloud enablement services that makes the experience moving onto cloud technology beneficial for the organisation.

We have experience in the transforming large organisations in New Zealand, assisting with their move into public cloud offerings such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Our team of Architects and Engineers can offer your organisation deep technical capability and experienced consulting including.

Cloud enablement Services

We are a trusted partner who can advise and collaborate with you to advance your cloud initiatives and help modernise your enterprise business and technology platforms to be more effective.

We know how to enable effective business growth using Agile methodologies for cloud and digital transformation and using smart AWS/AZURE/Microsoft 365 re-platform and re-architecture services.

Digital Workplace

We build digital workplaces with enhanced personalised interactions and a multi-device, collaborative user environments.

Our solutions are founded in user-centered design that emphases on the user journey, while leveraging the best in software programming to enable state-of-the-art digital experiences.

Data Transformation

We can show you how to unleash the power of your data with a modern data strategy that allows you to locate, refine, and connect data more efficiently than ever.

We can help you create powerful ‘networks’ of connectivity wherein data insights are delivered in real-time to help you understand and improve how you work.

Application Development

We know how to transform your existing infrastructure and applications, and can develop and deploy new ‘state-of-the-art’ applications that run seamlessly on any platform.

We’re platform agnostic and focus on determining the best option. We have the expertise to deliver much of the build and/or integration ourselves.

IT Consultancy

We can assess your enterprise efficiency across your people, processes, architecture and tools to provide both a savings and capability maturity roadmap, so you can drive your costs down and focus on what really matters.

We work with you to understand and explore your strategic goals, providing a clear assessment of the ways digital technology can help you develop a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our expertise can help you navigate through your IT landscape, identifying every risk and challenge, and provide you with a strategic roadmap to extend digital capabilities.

Digital Experience Professional Services: Back-end Development

DTL provides a wealth of talent in back-end development. We provide bespoke development, content management (CMS) development and deep expertise in integration with other systems.

We have a formidable practise in developing cloud native applications on top of AWS and Azure. Plus, a significant capability in Data and Integration Architecture with strong ETL development Capability in both Oracle and SQL.

Server-side Languages

Our software development expertise extends to a range of technologies and frameworks.

Including but not limited to:

  1. .Net
  2. Java
  3. JavaScript Frameworks such as Node.js, React Native, ReactJS, AngularJS, Next.js
  4. SQL (All flavours)

API and Middleware

Our team have integration experience second-to-none, having developed APIs (REST, SOAP, RPC) and other middleware and integration solutions on a range of platforms from Cloud to On-Premise, with specialists in AWS, Azure, IBM WebSphere and Tibco.


DTL has completed application development Security training on OWASP and NZISM for our team with respected local security specialist providers and continue to upskill in developing secure modern applications.

Digital Experience Professional Services: Front-End Development

DTL are front-end software development specialists with expertise in a range of technologies and techniques to make your application user interface shine and deliver a great user experience.

This includes:

  1. Responsive Design
  2. Ensuring the application adheres to best practise on SEO and accessibility standards
  3. Experience in a range of CMS technologies and building headless applications
  4. Ensuring pixel perfect implementation of Visual Design briefs

With a large portfolio of work, we are happy to give you advice on the best approach to meeting your front-end development needs.

Examples of front-end work we often perform include:

  1. Mobile Applications
  2. Web Applications
  3. Websites
  4. SPAs (Single Page Applications)
  5. SPFx Development (SharePoint/M365 Online Applications)
  6. Creating Headless CMS implementations

Digital Experience Professional Services: Native Application Development

DTL focus on using cross platform development technologies allowing us to target both mobile platforms from the same code base.

Our Mobile Application development projects enable improvements to customer service, customer facing ordering and ecommerce applications linked to order fulfilment systems and delivery notification.

We have skills in mobile user interface design, enterprise application platforms using integrated development environments and exceptional understanding of back-end data routing, security, authentication, authorization, off-line working and service orchestration.

Cross Platform Development Tools

We have experience in building with React Native, Cordova and Firebase. Which allows us to build once for both iOS and Android based smart devices.

Mobile development approach

DTL have adopted the “Don’t Make Me Think” methodology first inspired by Steve Krug in his guide to web development. The book’s premise is that a good software program or web site should let users accomplish their intended tasks as easily and directly as possible. 

The same principles apply to developing Mobile applications where productivity gains come through a smart prototyping process adopting a fail-fast approach to development and gathering good user insights in the testing process.

One of our most successful applications to date was to build an LPG bottle ordering application trying to navigate the least number of clicks to fulfil and order with repeatability enabling the process to take less than 20 seconds for reordering.

DTL enabled a Wellington based trailer hire company to save money and gain a competitive advantage Nationally over the competition through the use of mobile technology.

Digital Experience Professional Services: Information Architecture

DTL has significant expertise in providing comprehensive Information Architecture services to meet a range of digital project scenarios, this may include

  1. Designing the layout of information on Websites, Web/Mobile Applications, Intranets, Enterprise Content Management Solutions
  2. Setting up the analytics that will measure the effectiveness of the solution through tools like Google Analytics
  3. Laying out site information wireframes and testing usability
  4. Setting up custom search capabilities on website or intranets to deliver enhanced search experiences

The development of an effective Information architecture in relation to websites vs internal systems, such as Intranets and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions can be quite different.

Understanding the volume of information and the practises to keep up to date, healthy and mature information repositories requires good information management practises. As a provider of both types of implementations we can help you make sense of these challenges by producing insights and analysis from our years of experience delivering these types of projects.

DTL has undertaken ECM Maturity Reviews and provided Roadmaps for Information Architecture best practises. We also work in implementing enhanced search solutions on platforms such as SharePoint Online to improve the use of these tools or your users.

The DTL team have significant expertise delivering Websites, Enterprise Content Management Solutions and Web Analytics capabilities and we welcome the opportunity to get involved in solving your information content needs.

“Our team is well respected for the work we do, and we are excited to help more Govt organisations use our digital capabilities by offering a range of services under the DIA Govt. Marketplace framework and make it easy for you to do business with us.”

Ben Lauchlan – Managing Director

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