Staffing Services

DTL can provide high quality staffing solutions from individual contract resources to small project teams that are experts in their field. We enable companies and technology partners to meet their skills challenges and deliver business change quickly and effectively using our high quality staff.

DTL – Smart People

He aha mea nui o te ao? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata!

DTL believe people are the most important aspect of a business operation. In today’s environment the competition to acquire and maintain exceptionally good competent people is increasing.

DTL is not a recruitment company, but we do have access to very skilled people in the software application lifecycle to do specific roles for our customers.

Being a company with a strong reputation of trusted delivery, we look for those people who have practical demonstrable experience. We are not going to put forward a range of potential candidates for any role without having experienced their abilities to deliver.

That is why we only work with a close network of highly trusted and very skilled contract DTL consultants. They have been chosen by us because of their ability to:

  • deliver high quality outcomes consistantly,
  • work comfortably in a collaborative team environment,
  • challenge the status quo in a professional manner,
  • empathise with our customers viewpoints to gain perspective

We look for the right match of people, with key attributes that will help you make good timely decisions that align with your business objectives in order to drive your key metrics.