Products & Platforms

DTL use a range of tools and platforms. Those we have developed ourselves and those that we use to integrate into a complete solution and service offering.


DTL have developed a set of products that deliver improvements in staff engagement and workforce productivity.

Idea Hopper

DTL’s Idea Hopper enables organisations to capture innovative ideas from across the business and empower staff to feel engaged in business improvement programmes resulting in measurable and traceable benefits.

Techspace Connect

DTL’s Techspace Connect solution enables organisations to collect packages of digital information for efficient straight through processing internally and improved customer service externally.


Low-code – the Microsoft Power Platform

Build, customise and extend the apps you need with the Microsoft Power Platform.

Digitally transform and modernise your business applications and processes using a single, low-code platform.

The vision of the Microsoft Power Platform is to help businesses analyse, act and automate with a low-code approach. This spans Office 365, Dynamics 365 Azure and standalone applications – in the cloud and on-premise. Supported by a common data model with data securely stored in Microsoft Dataverse, the Power Platform unifies business data and connects it to hundreds of data sources.

What is the Microsoft Power Platform?

Microsoft’s Power Platform offers your business the opportunity to turn great ideas into real-life solutions, without requiring extensive custom code development.

With Power Platform, you will have the ability to create, design and build business apps, automate your processes, and report fluidly on data across your organisation in a visual format. This will allow you to connect departments in your business in ways they were unable to before.

What is Power Apps?

Using Power Apps, you can build your own apps that are powered by the data in Dataverse, or data held within applications like Excel or SharePoint. With a drag-and-drop design, apps can be built rapidly and you can start with a pre-built template or start from a blank canvas.

What is Power Automate?

Power Automate takes out the manual effort of repeating the same tasks over and over, replacing the entire flow with one button.

What is Power BI?

With Power BI users can take data from as many different sources as they like and create beautiful, easy to decipher reports. Power BI can provide valuable insights into business data through a single model and then securely share the results.

What are Virtual Agents?

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents are intelligent chatbots that can be deployed with no coding required. The chatbots can be trained to use natural language to respond with relevant content.

DTL is developing solutions for its clients that are built on the Microsoft Power Platform to help rapidly deliver functionality that business users need.

Contact us to discover how your organisation can quickly innovate using tools within the Microsoft Power Platform.

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