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Are you fidgeting with your budget? Use Piglet

We are hitting the market soon with our brand new Personal Budgeting Suite called PIGLET.  This is a part of digital financial ecosystem that we are developing using next generation user experience, starting off with a smart, simple and user-friendly personal budgeting suite. The suite includes a web app and a mobile app with additional functionalities using channels like chatbot, receipt/image scanner, voice enabled services all backed by AI (Artificial Intelligence).  

You can create personal budget, add expense using various channels, get notified when you cross the threshold and view the interactive dashboard to see where and when you have spent your hard-earned money. 

Our product will address the financial concerns  and set you on your path of financial literacy to stay on top of your spending habits by providing multiple ways to input your income, track expense, forecast spending, and help save towards a personal financial goal like a holiday, new vehicle etc.   

To learn more please check our website.