Quick Hire Trailers – Customer Self-Service

Quick Hire is a 100% New Zealand owned trailer hire company located throughout the North Island. They have specialized trailers for hire at all major leading service stations around New Zealand including Mobil, BP, Gull, GAS and Caltex.

The Challenge

In 2019 Quick Hire owner Brent Ringrose realised that to maintain his leading market position he needed to:

  • Make the process of hire better for the end users
  • Lessen the workload for the channel partner service attendants
  • Improve business efficiency and visibility of customer data
  • Create a unique offering that would help win new channel partners

Our Approach

Quick Hire engaged an independent party to review the market and DTL came through the process as the preferred partner due to the following reasons:-


The deliverable for QuickHire was a slick new Kiosk based solution in their channel partners business premises.

The solution was created using market leading Cloud (AWS) and built using a combination of ReactNative and Java with Android being the target OS, alongside this the kiosk tablet devices are managed using Microsoft Intune, the initial launch was 2020

  • AWS Cloud for hosting infrastructure and software platform
  • MS Azure Cloud for Identity and Access Management and Microsoft 365 Intune for device management.
  • ReactNative for the UI interface

As Quick Hire had no onsite technical capability the solution needed to be developed to ensure backoffice administration was easy to use, timely and reliable with ongoing support for the customer.


Quick Hire has seen signifcant business process benefits

  • Up to date / real-time view of trailer status
  • Invoicing is automated and more accurate
  • Enhanced visibility for end user renters of trailer location and availability
  • Improved service for channel partner leading to increased customer satisfaction
  • Trailer inventory management is now significantly better
  • View of usage for Channel partners enables other upsell marketing activities

The key business result has been a confirmed five year contract extension with Mobil. This is a first for the business and illustrated Mobil’s desire to work with innovative partners who could add value to their business.

We can help transform your business

We have enjoyed working with DTL to help us innovate and use technology as part of our customer retention strategy. The Mobil contract extension was a critical win for our business and secured our future.

– Brent Ringrose,
Quick Hire Trailers